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Sailing FAQs


1) Is sailing for me?
Sailing is a sport just like any other. Just about anyone can learn to sail. Introductory sailing and training sessions are not very strenuous and you can rest assured our experienced instructors will make the experience very enjoyable. One does not need to be an athlete to learn to sail. In fact it requires about the same effort as you need to learn swimming or cycling. Warning: Once you feel the wind in your hair and inhale lungs-full of pristine sea breeze, sailing is all you will want to do.

2) Is there any age restriction?
We do not encourage children below 5 years of age and expectant mothers to sail. There is no upper age limit so long as you have sound health and are ready for some fun.

3) Where do you operate?
We currently operate out of Mumbai harbor but will soon bring the experience to other coasts of India

4) What are your sailing times?
We organize sails 7 days a week (subject to Government restrictions on certain dates) throughout the season which typically runs from mid-October to end of May every year. Timings are from 7am to 8pm

5) Can I sail at night?
Due to security reasons, sailing at night is not permitted by the authorities in Mumbai Harbor. However, we could apply for special permission if you are on a voyage (on sail) to Jaigad, Goa etc .

6) Can you organize sails during the monsoon?
Unfortunately the sailing season is closed during the monsoon season due to inclement weather.

7) How should I be dressed?
We recommend casual and comfortable clothing such as shorts, Tee-shirts and sneakers. Ladies are requested to leave their high heels for the night clubs. We highly recommend that you carry Sunglasses (preferably with a strap if they are expensive), a cap and sunscreen. We provide bottled water and biscuits.

8) Where do we need to assemble?
You need to arrive at the Gateway of India, opposite Taj Mahal Palace hotel at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled sail slot. For the courtesy of other guests we will not be able to delay sailing due to late arrival of a guest.

9) What boats do you use for your sailing?
We have a number of sailing boats depending upon your need, group size and activity. Our introductory and learn to sail sessions are carried out on the ever popular J-24 sailing boats while the leisure sails are offered on the Jenneau 36 or 45

10) What is a J-24 sailing boat?
The J-24 is an international One-Design keelboat class as defined by the International Sailing Federation- created to fulfill the diverse needs of recreational sailors such as cruising, one design racing, day sailing, and handicap racing. The J-24 is the world's most popular keelboat

11) I don't know how to swim. Can I still sail?
Yes, our boats are extremely safe to sail in. Safety is of utmost importance to us and our professional instructors and crew are well trained to handle any untoward incidents. Life vests are mandatory for everyone on board. In the unlikely event that an individual falls in the water, our type approved life vests will keep you afloat at all times. Our Instructors are friendly and will make you feel comfortable during the sail. We have assigned doctors and other safety requirements on call.

12) Will I feel sea sick?
If you can handle air travel, you usually will not experience sea sickness. We recommend that you leave the heavy meals for after your sail. You can rest assured the sailing sessions will work up a good appetite. In any event we can offer you anti-sea sickness pills before you get underway.

13) What safety equipment do you have on board?
We have over and above the necessary safety equipment on board. Each boat will be equipped with life vests for every individual, lifebuoy, VHF radio and a first aid kit.

14) Do you have insurance?
We are fully covered under a group insurance policy for third party liability due to death and/or accidents.

15) How far can I sail?
We can sail within the Mumbai Harbor which begins from Gateway of India to the southern end of Mumbai and Mandwa or Alibaug on the J-24s. However, we do provide customized courses and destinations such as Mandwa, Alibaug, Kashid, Raigad, Jaigad, Ratnagiri, Goa, etc for other vessels.

16) Can I learn sailing? How many sessions do I need?
Yes, you can opt for one of our specially designed sailing courses. We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions to learn sailing a boat, solo. However, this will vary with every individual

17) What after I have completed the course?
You can avail of our unique membership program and sail with your family, friends, and participate in regattas, club and sailings events. If you wish to pursue sailing at a higher level, we can assist in training you for professional sailing.

18) Can I learn how to handle a power boat?
We have specially designed power boat courses where, we can teach you how to maneuver and navigate a power boat.

19) Can we consume or serve liquor on board?
Yes, with a liquor permit. However, we do not encourage consuming alcohol on board sailing boats during introductory sails and training courses for reasons of safety.

20) Can I organize a corporate lunch on board?
Yes, we can arrange a wide variety of cuisines and exciting Mediterranean menus courtesy of our celebrated gourmet partners

21) How much in advance do I need to book my sail?
In order to ensure smooth arrangements, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice. Sailings are confirmed upon receipt of 100% advance payment.

22) What is your cancellation policy?
If a cancellation is made:
- More than 72 hours prior to the booking date, 100% amount will be refunded.
- 48 to72 hours prior to sailing date, 50% amount will be refunded
- Less than 48 hours prior to event, no refund will be provided.

23) How do I get started?
You start by simply booking online for our one of our specially designed Try-a-Sail slots intended to give you a taste of sailing. After your introductory session, when you wish to pursue sailing further, the next step is to sign up for one of our sailing courses. Here you learn the skills of sailing solo and who knows maybe race in a regatta one day.

24) Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes. Please read our on-board safety rules here

While we have tried to cover most aspects, we acknowledge that you may have additional questions. Feel free to call or write to us for further queries.